Frequently Asked Questions

Is parking available?
Yes. The Baby and Child Rebel Lab has a reserved parking spot located in front of the building. A research assistant will meet you outside the lab for your appointment and show you where to park.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. The Baby and Child Rebel Lab is open Monday through Saturday from 9 – 5 and some evenings. We require that parents make an appointment for their child so we can make sure staff are available.

How long does the study last?
Our infant studies last approximately 3-5 minutes, with an average visit lasting about 20 minutes. Our child studies last 15-30 minutes and the average visit lasts 45-60 minutes. We like for our parents to plan for additional time so we can fully explain the study and your child can become accustomed to our lab.

Do both parents have to come?
No. Only one parent or legal guardian needs to accompany the child to our lab, although both parents are welcome.

Will I be with my child during the study?
During our infant studies, you will be with your child throughout the appointment. For some of our child studies, you are in the same room during the study and for other studies you will be in another room.

Can I bring my other children with me when we participate?
Yes. We will arrange for additional staff to be available to watch your other children. We have plenty of toys, games, and books for their entertainment.

Are there any risks involved?
Our studies are safe, and we take special precautions to minimize any risks that might be involved in our research studies.

How did you get my name and information?
We use a variety of means to identify infants and children eligible for our research, such as birth announcements in local newspapers, names from a marketing company, and social media. We also use public access databases to find additional information, such as phone numbers.

Will my name and information be shared with other organizations?
No. Only UNLV Infant & Child Studies has access to your private information. We do not share your personal information with any other organizations.

How can I find out about the results of the study my child participated in?
Most of our studies take a few years to complete, so we regularly post electronic newsletters on our social media pages and website to inform families about preliminary results of ongoing studies and final results that have been published.

How can I sign up?
You can use our online secure SIGN UP page! Of course, feel free to email the information to childlab@unlv.nevada.edu or call our lab at (702) 895-4651 and speak directly to a research assistant or leave a message.

I have friends with kids. Can they also participate in one of your studies?
Absolutely! You can have them email us at childlab@unlv.nevada.edu or call our lab directly at (702) 895-4651.

Where are you located?
We are located on the main campus of UNLV near the Lied library on Harmon Avenue. We provide a map which shows our exact location.

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